I'm a man of many faces.
What would you like to see?


We read a ton of books every year.
Yet only a handful stand out.

Why is it so?

Yes, it's because not all books are made with the same kind of love.
Authors do their best, but it's not always enough.

Editing helps you take your book to the next level.


Human mind is a delicate instrument. Within it lies an even more fragile structure. Made of dreams and hopes and despairs, this humongous castle from which life itself permeates is always in a state of chaos. Its rigorous endless dance fragments my imagination, each fragment a unique reflection of myself.

Pick your poison

Science Fiction

We live on a tiny bubble in an infinite ocean.
So many worlds, so many possibilities.

Let's explore some


The tendrils of darkness are longer than the stretches of the universe.
You cannot outrun them. So why even try?

Instead, let's have some wicked fun


Coming in 2025


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